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Stay Married Happily. Here are 5 great ways!

How to Stay Married, Happily.


Sometimes it’s not a big secret but the commitment to follow through.


The keys to staying married, and happily begins here.

Read on…


The special spark during the honeymoon period in many marriages has a limited time frame. Yet, this does not mean you can’t bring back those fluttery butterfly feelings and moments which everybody encounters at the start of every relationship. All relationships move through unpleasant patches. Some don’t survive long enough to come out the opposite side unscathed. Yet, (let’s all look on the bright side) MANY do. Here are 5 approaches to keep your marriage new.



1) Remind your spouse (and yourself) that you welcome them

After you’ve been married numerous years, that enthusiastic kiss when your spouse comes home can transform into a peck on the cheek that would then inevitably transform into a tough inability to even divert from your PC.
Through many long term 20 year marriages, there are times when you would’ve felt that you and your spouse are beginning to wind up so acquainted with each other that you un-noticeably reside into an unenthusiastic though comfortable routine.
And, there’s a genuine risk in that.
Studies demonstrate that almost 50% of men who have bamboozled say it was a result of emotional lack and not sex; when men don’t feel associated or appreciated by their spouses. Therefore, they are powerless against the advances of any attractie lady who bothers to throw an interested look at them.



The BIG Day.
Bride’s makeup by The Beauty Society; Pic by Nicole Then


2) Practice Honesty

Assuming that you have maximized a credit card or two and end up concealing the bills every month, you can bet that it will cause issues down the road for you. In the long run, regardless of whether you’re applying for a advance/loan, these sorts of cash issues will either be exposed by a credit report. In spite of the fact that betrayal ordinarily occurs in bed, it likewise can occur with cash. Also, it will be building back your spouse’s trust in the event that you’ve lied about overspending.

If you feel you aren’t connecting with your partner the way you used to, you need to say something — now. Be Honest, your spouse will appreciate even if the truth hurts….



3) Maintain your Appearance

Many years later and a few kids under your belt, it’s easy to let your appearance slide. Think about when you first met your partner. Would you have walked around in sloppy clothes and without brushing your teeth?

It can feel really good when your husband will say “Wow, you look nice!” when you get ready to meet your friends. Yes, please extend this courtesy to him on date night too.



Getting goofy together at places like Coney Island
Bride’s makeup by The Beauty Society; Pic by The Walk Wedding


4) Letting GO

Sometimes, the most ideal approach to an issue is to simply leave it — as in truly let it go. Not every odd slight must be tended to. Realize that every insult is planned. Work on giving up as much as you can. Pardon more. Disregard more. Stay quiet until you have totally maxed out and maintain. Furthermore, help yourself to remember why you married this individual. Focus on those great reasons and let stuff pass.

Just “Let It Be.”



5) Maintain closeness and intimacy 

Closeness isn’t simply sex and passionately doing it on the kitchen counter. Bedroom habits age with marriage. Intimacy can be as simple as a moonlight stroll on the shoreline that ends in a kiss. Or, a great show of concern for your spouse in a healing center room trying to get the doctor’s attention for an ailing wife . Try not to give others a chance to judge what is an “ordinary” or “sound” measure of sex for your marriage. Realize that things change, however that doesn’t make them less energizing or fun. What’s more, intimacy comes in many ways, including discussion and snuggling.



Sharing a secret moment.
Bride’s makeover by The Beauty Society; Pic by Green Imagination


We hope these simple pointers help to you to stay married happily and to create a happy world and better life.

Till then!


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