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Being a Solopreneur

A Solopreneur’s Journey


A solopreneur’s journey is a lonely but a very valuable one.


Today I learned a lesson. In fact I learnt lots of valuable lessons in life. It is tough, the journey of discovery.


I read from author Dave Trott, We think what we know is all there is to know. So we interpret everything according to what we know.


Well this could be a problem.


After 9 long years being an artist in the beauty industry I found its time to transcend per se to greener pastures. Especially with social media , you realized there are a lot of things that people are doing and sharing openly you had never thought possible.


So now, you are exposed to the world. The option becomes:

To Be or Not to Be? 


That is The Question. 


I decided I am becoming uncomfortable in my comfort zone. So I started my exploration process and found that there are a lot of things I thought I knew but I really didn’t after all. Many times we are just forced to interpret any situation using our own experience. 


“Until we know something,it doesn’t exist as a possibility. Once we know it, we cant believe everyone doesn’t know it.” 


So then I started to apply my knowledge and take on many roles for my business. So that’s where the term ‘Solopreneur’ comes about. Trying to build upon it and making it better, using this as a self discovery and a project of personal achievement. 


What it actually means is that almost all mundane sh**ty work and major accounts are handled by myself.

Most often I do hire relevant professionals whenever the need arises and often enough I work with my team.


I wished I had more than 16 hours. (for the rest makes up for my minimum 8 hours of precious sleep.) 🙂 



Sometimes I do overthink things. Do I have to be at the same pace as everyone else? Am I too late to start now? Will I be able to reach the position I would like to be ultimately? And most importantly: Will I be happy?


And then this great advice came through to me while having coffee with my school mentor.

He said,” It is perfectly OK to move and progress at your own pace, for the right way to grow is Organically. 


Solopreneur: It does feel like you are alone in a vast world. However, the key is to enjoy it.


He shared that many a times when people grow too much, too fast, the bubble bursts, and/or people suddenly realized they did not want to take on that much stress and responsibilities after all…. 


Imagine: All you ever do is work and going home at 2am every single day, with NO time with your loved ones. (OR Travel the world!) All the money in the world is not going to buy you precious moments and experiences once you’ve missed them. 


However, if you move  at your own comfortable pace, you know when you want to stop, take a breather or run even faster. 


Alrighty, I get the point. And I totally agree. 


Imagine the relief I felt after hearing this.

I work hard. But I don’t know how hard or how fast I should be working. It is not always about monetary gains because it does not guarantee happiness and fulfillment. 


Maybe rather than defending the tiny bit of knowledge we do have, we should be embracing what we don’t know.


Lao Tzu said “The wise man knows he doesn’t know. The fool doesn’t know he doesn’t know”


I don’t want to be the fool…..


We think it’s a sign of strength to have an immediate opinion on everything.But actually all that does is shut down the enquiry. 

Saying “I don’t know” can be powerful and opens up the way to something new. – Dave Trott. 


And that’s why being 9 years in this line does not, and should not make me complacent. There are a lot of things I don’t know and am willing to explore even if it takes me a lifetime.


Solopreneur, I am proud to be one.

Do follow my personal instagram account @gerrachong to see what I get up to in life and misadventures! 




The Beauty Society



credits: excerpts from Dave Trott, The Power of Ignorance




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