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Makeover Transformation, Watch Now!

Makeover Transformation in the process

This is time for a makeup transformation makeover! By the way, this is our first makeup video! Don’t judge ok?

Though simple , it shows the before and after transformation by using makeup cleverly. We must admit that cosmetics does wonders!


Makeup, though simple, has to be done tastefully. AND THAT’S where it does not come easy. However with ample practice, we assure you will get there soon enough. So, please do not follow trends blindly. Eh?

We understand thick , bold looks are kind of the trend right now. We have no words to describe the horrors of bold trend gone wrong…. Maybe someday we’d get to doing tutorial videos….. ­čśë

Pardon us for the amateur edit of this video. To a better year ahead!


Transformation by The Beauty Society.


Makeup Makeover 101


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bridal makeover transformation

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