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How to Look Great in Wedding Pictures


great wedding pictures

There are special days, days on which you would have to look different from your usual look, days on which you would be famous for a day or be the center of attraction just like a wedding. On a day like this there will surely be hair and makeup, a beautiful dress, and paparazzi (i.e., the wedding photographer) that will follow you everywhere you go to take shots of you. The part of taking photographs might seem scary because you have to smile every now and then but everyone wants to have great wedding pictures and who knows, one of those random shots could be the perfect one you would cherish most for the rest of your life.


Great Wedding Pictures

Here are some quick tips:

  • Makeup

No matter how elaborate your occasion is, keep the makeup on point. You don’t want to look too different on your wedding day. Your wedding day look should be about the most beautiful version of your look or yourself. And well sometimes, it can be a different kind of beautiful; of the same person. However, do not make this day one to experiment with heavy contouring or bold colors. You would want to look at the photos later in the years and be able to recognize yourself and say,” Oh do I look so good!”

So for a start, stick with neutral eye shadow shades designed to enhance your natural features. Whipping your skin into shape before your wedding with a combination of masks and moisturizers is a way to go in preparation for your big day. The perfect makeup will only show the way it ought to on a skin that is perfect.


  • Hairstyle

Having the perfect makeup is not enough. Complement it with your crowning glory. The style of your hair should complement your face, which is the most important thing. If you are asian, choose styles with some volume. More if you are doing an outdoor photography. This should uplift your facial features and make you look alluring in your wedding pictures. Whether you choose to have your hair up or down in flowy tresses should be considered with the shooting conditions. Especially Weather.


  • Makeup Touchup kit

Prepare with you tissues and loose powder for touchups in between to ensure constant freshness. Especially for couples in Singapore, the weather is a killer. This will seal things in place and prevent a shiny glare in the wedding photos. Have a lip colour with you so as to be camera ready at all times and to make sure your mouth appears plump in the photos. (That’s why it is always recommended to have the makeup artist along for the duration of the shoot. Just like having your own personal butler/nanny)

If you are wearing your hair up, make sure the colour on your neck and ears are the same color shades on your face. Although this might seem trivial and may not be obvious in lowlight but camera flashes can easily reveal them.


  • Research

When it comes to hiring a photographer, you should endeavor to know him/her before your event. After all, great wedding pictures are what we would love to have to show our kids/grand kids and not have them laugh at us right?

Sometimes when your photographer knows as much as possible about you, it enhances communication and the end results of every photo taken. When it comes time for the posed shots, straighten yourself out toward the camera. Instead, square them and keep your feet in line with each other. Before the big day, you can take out time to practice a little.

great wedding pictures


  • Know your good facial angles

Practise and identify your best facial angle.  It will help if you ask your partner to snap some portraits to put you at ease in front of the lens for starters.

Mostly the best images are usually the ones in which the bride and groom are relaxed and not paying too much attention to the photographer. One in which they are ignoring the photographer like he or she isn’t even in the scene. It sure does help if you know where to focus your angle to the photographer.These tips if followed, will ensure you have the most memorable day and even have perfectly awesome photos to cherish for the rest of your life.


  • Awkward is good

If you prefer less candid and natural pictures, you do have to do a bit of homework on working those ‘Couture’ poses. Sometimes the more awkward the angle, like standing straight and pulling your shoulders way back, or twisting at an impossible angle makes the photos look surprisingly good.


  • Look for the light

The light is your best friend, unless otherwise directed by your photographer. When we face the light, the photographer is then able to capture the essence of your faces wonderfully without unnecessary shadow play.


We hoped you found these tips useful! So go ahead and shine bright and remember to like and share the love!

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