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Enjoyable Moments, What to do for your Wedding Album?

Enjoyable moments in Singapore


Enjoyable Moments- For any who wants a fuss free casual wedding photography.. Read on



Your wedding day is drawing near and there are tons of things to do! First and most importantly, you want a wedding album to remember those lovely memories by. And of course, something nice to flaunt to your friends and family.

So we are typically Singaporean and stuck in this tropical place?

Fret not! For Our dear friends, Mingwei and Qiuxuan have put on their adventure hats and on they go exploring the sunny island called Singapore!



Bride Qiuxuan’s lovely face makeover credit to us: The Beauty Society

Photo credits to: Mingwei’s awesome photo enthusiasts



Here are some quick tips to prep before your adventure:

1) Apart from lugging your suit/gowns, wear something comfortable to walk around in.

2) Bring lots of tissues! Wet and dry!

3) Mini portable fans are your newest best friends (make sure they are fully charged) your other option? Manual fanning. Start investing!

4) Bring enough water to hydrate yourselves. You may never know where you end up at and you do not want to be down with heat exhaustion.

5) Insect Repellent! If you are game to explore some greenery, you do not want to be food for those mozzies! Yikes!

6) Food! if you are in the mood for a nice picnic or get hungry easily…. Just in case !

7) Rest well the day before. For the whole adventure can be quite tiring!



enjoying nature and greenery

Nature is beautiful


bedok jetty

Baby’s Breath works too!


OK! So now you are all set. What now? Where do we go? In the case of our adventurous friends, they hired a mini bus and brought along photo enthusiasts or basically anyone who is up for a fun day of exploration!


You could actually do some research on the places you love in Singapore. Be it iconic ones like Bayfront, or The Botanic Gardens (I personally recommend Hort Park) and get your photo enthusiasts and appointed photographer to snap away like avid tourists!


Do note I mentioned appointed photographer because I am sure you want great and professionally taken pictures at the end of it right?


Depending on your budget, you can decide how long you want to engage your photographer for. BUT do allow him/her to do their work by informing your photo enthusiasts to get out of their way, PLEASE. HAHAHHA They will be thankful for it!

ON a side note: it will be good to have your appointed makeup artist to follow too! (at least long enough with the appointed photographer for touching up sweaty moments)


bride makeup by The beauty Society

Music Binds

embrace shot - in a lallang field

Enjoying a romantic moment


I know lallangs are a hit and often associated with great looking pictures. (Note, they can be prickly!) YOU may need to google a bit for sometimes they don’t grow enough at any place all the time.

But why limit all the fun when there are places like:

  1. Chinatown
  2. Haji Lane (gotta love those pretty grafitti and shop houses!)
  3. Duxton road
  4. Southern ridge
  5. Hort Park
  6. Sentosa (cliched but still nice!)
  7. East coast
  8. MacRitchie

I mean the possibilities are endless. You just have to be open and explore away!

It will be good if some prior shortlists are done beforehand. But well, who’s to stop you from deciding on the go as long you are up for it! It is your special day after all!


sharing special moments

Smiling- your best remedy


Look at how simple pleasures in life bring happiness too?


For those who prefer something slower and mellower, get your photographer or enthusiats to capture resting and nesting moments like having a simple picnic/lunch. Enjoying the scenery and views. Staring into each other’s eyes. Really.


Just like a tourist.

Don’t worry about being overly pose-y. I feel those are slightly passe unless executed tastefully. Just be your happy natural selves! The shots usually turn out pretty good!


when your fiance sings and plays the guitar so well you cant help but be overwhelmed.

Create Enjoyable moments

lovebirds enjoying their moment

Be in Each Other’s World


hand in hand

Happily Ever After


At the end of it, you can thank your entourage who has contributed to your enjoyable moments; by going for a nice happy meal to celebrate? 🙂

Who knows? They just may have some awesome shots in their camera that might well be priceless.



Quote of the day:

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

-Greg Anderson

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/journey.html





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