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The Chinese Kua- Singapore brides going traditional

The Chinese Kua is Timeless



Chinese Kua originated from weddings in olden China. Technically speaking, our ancestors migrated from parts of China and it is expected that traditions tend to follow and become timeless till date.


Before the trend of the white wedding gown, Chinese brides had been wearing the traditional red two-piece qun kua 裙褂 to symbolize luck and happiness for their wedding day.

This ceremonial dress is gaining popularity as we become more aware of our Chinese roots. The hand sewn intricate embroidery seen on each dress is being well received and appreciated by the modern brides.


Hair and makeup by the beauty society

Chinese Kua worn by bride, Yuqin. -Hair and Makeup by The Beauty Society


In recent years, more and more boutiques are selling or renting a wider array of qun kuas too.

More brides here are choosing to wear the qun kua as the striking red colour of the qun kua symbolises luck, happiness and bountiful blessings, which is what all brides yearn for in marriage!


All Chinese brides can wear the kua, as it is actually a Chinese practice. Meanwhile, your groom has a few choices to match. He can stick to his day suit, wear a Tang-style jacket with dragon motifs or Mandarin collar shirt.



How to choose a Kua?

1. Pick the right colour

As a bride, you have to choose a red kua to wear. In the olden days, only the first wife can wear a red qun kua while colours like pink or peach are used by the concubines.


     2. Choose your favourite auspicious design

These days, the kua can also be adorned with auspicious embellishments like peonies or pomegranates. See and touch a few kuas to see if there is a certain style that you prefer. For instance, some brides will go for dainty beaded kuas while others prefer more elaborate versions with intricate embroidery – complete with gold and silver threads – and coloured sequins.

Some kuas come with patterns of mandarin ducks symbolizes marital love. Most come with the dragon and phoenix ; The dragon in the Chinese culture represents the male while the phoenix represents the female. Having them side by side symbolizes the perfect balance of yin and yang of the bride and the groom


chinese kua for brides

Kua worn by bride Jing Hong; Bridal makeup and hair by The Beauty Society


   3. Make sure the workmanship is good

If you are planning to buy a kua, it makes sense to check the workmanship thoroughly; hand-embroidered, realistic-looking dragons and phoenixes. Run your hand through and look out for the 3D effect and make sure there are no loose threads and missing beadings/sequins. 

If you are just renting for a few hours, you can afford not to be overly concerned.


    4. Get the Right Fit

Making sure your kua fits is important for aesthetics and ease of movement. They should not be baggy or shapeless when worn. Do consider alterations if the kua is not fitted to your size. Especially the waist, sleeves and length.


   5. Right accessories and shoes to match

The kua goes best with gold accessories. This is the best time to bring out all the gold or dowry your parents have prepared for you. i.e bangles, earrings, rings, bracelets. As for your shoes, you can opt for red or gold heels or traditional embroidered shoes – available from Chinatown

Get your makeup artist to put your hair up in a modern or simple chignon so that there is no distraction from the intricate designs already present on the kua. This keeps the look wholesome and clean.


If you are clueless about your hair and makeup, view our works here. We provide modern and beautiful services on your perfect day.





credits: reference from www.singaporebrides.com


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