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You would Want to Avoid these Awful Makeup Trends

We are going to be discussing some Awful Makeup Trends in a bit.

Makeup! Trends! Beauty! We cannot live without them. We thrive on looking perfect!

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So anyway I am sure every time we open up our instagram, we see lots and lots of posts of intense beauty makeup and shadows on pretty eye sockets.Yeah. Some are done rather tastefully and gorgeously. However, there are some that need to die and Go Away.


Makeup Trends that need to Die

  • Extreme Contouring

Congrats! You have nose and cheekbones as high as the sky. True, 80% of the time, I do contours but I use the sheerest foundation and I keep blending to make sure it looks realistic. It is about creating dimensions on the face.

I know. We are not perfect and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in trying to enhance those non existent features but you do not stick your brush with so much angst into the FULLEST coverage foundation and line your face like a tribal warrior princess.

In the end, you end up with a super thick foundation; like a mask (??!!) and it looks so SO unnatural and horrifying.


  •  Thick Foundation

What happened to less is more? One layer is never enough so let’s apply 5 layers! (Let’s just pile on those layers baby.)

Hello and welcome to the thick world of foundation. You’d think, ” I can never finish using them so why put on a little when I can put on more?”

A lot of us already have very good skin. We just have to even out the skin tone and cover different problems. You don’t need to apply soooo much and we would really love to see your skin!

I want to be able to look at you and see that you are so beautiful and see your face as opposed to this ‘Mask’ of makeup.


  • Extreme Brow Highlight

Bright, White and Shining RIGHT on your brow bone. Like headlights spotting right at you.

The darkest shade of colours should stay on your eye socket moving up and blending into nothing. Not nasty bright spotlights staring right at you.


Go on! Do not try these makeup trends and see if you love your new face!



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