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Being a Solopreneur

A Solopreneur's Journey   A solopreneur's journey is a lonely but a very valuable one.   Today I learned a lesson. In fact I learnt lots of valuable lessons in life. It is tough, the journey of discovery.   I read from author Dave Trott, We think what we know is...

The Chinese Kua- Singapore brides going traditional

The Chinese Kua is Timeless     Chinese Kua originated from weddings in olden China. Technically speaking, our ancestors migrated from parts of China and it is expected that traditions tend to follow and become timeless till date.   Before the trend of the white wedding gown, Chinese brides had been...

You would Want to Avoid these Awful Makeup Trends

We are going to be discussing some Awful Makeup Trends in a bit. Makeup! Trends! Beauty! We cannot live without them. We thrive on looking perfect! Social Media IS BOOMING! So much that instagram is changing their algorithm to make more money! Well technically nothing wrong with...