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Being a Solopreneur

A Solopreneur's Journey   A solopreneur's journey is a lonely but a very valuable one.   Today I learned a lesson. In fact I learnt lots of valuable lessons in life. It is tough, the journey of discovery.   I read from author Dave Trott, We think what we know is...

Makeover Transformation, Watch Now!

Makeover Transformation in the process This is time for a makeup transformation makeover! By the way, this is our first makeup video! Don't judge ok? Though simple , it shows the before and after transformation by using makeup cleverly. We must admit that cosmetics does wonders!   Makeup, though...

The Beauty Society

The Beauty Society Story "The Beauty Society is a place for passions. For beauty, lifestyle, happy times, weddings and sometimes teachings."     Previously graduated with a Diploma in Optometry, Gerra realized that being an optometrist was not what she would be happy working in for the long term....