If all you’ve ever wanted was: Truly Unique Pre-wedding Photos…

Unique pre-wedding photography


YES please!!!!


Ever wished for a unique photography session to share with your loved ones? Tired of the boring and typical pre-wedding photography?

Read on….


Gerra has always been the restless and dare-to-try anything (as long as it’s not too dangerous) once kind of girl. So……. Thankfully, she found herself a husband who is somewhat as game.

Naturally for her wedding day, she wanted something different. Something memorable for her pre-wedding album. She hates the cliched happy couple “standing on rock and staring into space” kind of pictures. (I’m sure you get the point)

So Clement and Gerra decided to try out something really fun and exciting. Check out their wedding pictures below!


unique pre wedding photography
Loving yourself some morbidness?

Fans of Tim Burton! Never too dead for a shot like this!! HAHAHAHA



unique pre wedding photography
Whipped cream Smash. OH YEAH!


unique pre wedding photography
Stephen chow. All time favourite! What’s not to love in PJs?



My SASSY girlfriend. Everyone’s favourite movie of all time. If you haven’t watched it, please do already!



unique pre wedding photography
The hunger games. OOOhh getting to be Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen wannabe


unique pre wedding photography
Don Jon. you gotta love those Biceps!
movie theme photography for wedding
You have no idea how much boobs I had to squeeze…



unique pre wedding photography
I love the movie and …. shopping!!


movie themed wedding photos

Taken at the courthouse, they were really worried to get charged for bringing (fake) guns into the area….


unique pre wedding photography
If only we could do this all day …


So they got two main themes. 1) movie posters!

You may want to try watching those movies after all. They are really good!


and now, the 2) fashion themed!

unique pre wedding photography
Who ever knew anybody could be super model-ish?

10409722_10152134281245855_2722813834463420297_n 10524738_10152134281425855_497039996079239652_n 10525828_10152134281370855_4713437098856417180_n 10460509_10152134281335855_4999703801146848171_n



So if you haven’t already guessed, Gerra, the founder of The Beauty Society and her team is now glad to launch their new service!

To help couples fulfill their wish of a unique pre-wedding photography journey. And the result? Amazing and fun pictures! Nothing’s too weird for them!


The best thing? This is NOT limited to couples only. It is for anybody! Personal/ Friends/ Families!


As long as you appreciate art and fashion, you’ve got the right place!

Drop us a line here if you are interested to find out more!



The Beauty Society

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